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As a team that prioritizes adding mobility to every sphere of life, we support the Blue Lid Campaign of the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey (TOFD). In this context, the waste plastic lids we collect turn into wheelchairs for orthopedically handicapped individuals.

With the Blue Lid Campaign, our aim is to contribute to a multi-faceted social project, which includes the environmental protection by recycling plastic lids which take centuries to decompose and the provision of wheelchairs for orthopedically handicapped individuals from the sales revenue of collected lids. By this means, we aim to give hope to people with disabilities who need wheelchairs for mobility.

Even 1 Lid Matters

In the campaign initiated by TOFD, packaging lids are preferred because they have a very wide area of usage. Plastic lids of many products including water bottles, detergents, beverages, shampoos and many other products that we use in our daily lives are used as part of the campaign. When the lids we collect reach 3.5 tons, a person gets a wheelchair.

We collect our plastic lids in a huge box at the entrance of ALD Automotive Head office. In addition to this, we also help more people contribute to the campaign by putting lid collection boxes at different points within our reach.


Within the scope of corporate social responsibility projects, we aim to carry out campaigns that will change more people's lives and be beneficial to the society.

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