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4-May ALD Net membership be out of use? 

If you do not change your password before the expiration date, ALD net membership will be unavailable.

5-What should I do if I forget my username or password? 

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1-How many tires are included in the contract?

The number of tires is chosen according to the mileage estimated in the contract and is calculated based on a set of 4 tires.

2-What is the timing of tire change? 

ALD Automotive recommends the tires change after driving 50 000 km. The seasonal tires change is performed in the agreed garages during 15 September – 30 October and 15 March – 15 April. 

3-How are the drivers informed about the tires change?

Before the periods of seasonal tires change, the fleet responsible is informed by e-mail about the necessity of changing the tires.

4-Are the tires damaged because of the road conditions included in this service?

No, the tires damaged due to road conditions or improper way of using the vehicle by the users are not included in this service. The cost for changing the tires because of the causes mentioned above is  fully re-invoiced to the customer. 

5-Are the tires change due to flat tires included in this service?

No, the service does not include the change of tires due to flat tires. In this case, the users can call the assistance non-stop service. 


1-What is the vehicle category that vehicle users benefit from?

The default category of the replacement vehicle that the drivers benefit from is the same category of the vehicle under full service operational leasing, according to the stock available at the supplier. 

Renting a vehicle from another category than the one of the contracted vehicle will be issued after a request from the client. In case of choosing a vehicle category higher than the one contracted, the difference of cost will be invoiced to the customer. 

2-When can I benefit from a replacement vehicle?

The vehicle users can choose a replacement vehicle in case the ALD Automotive vehicle is immobilized in the service, due to an accident or the vehicle was stolen. 

3-Is there a mileage limit during the utilization of the replacement vehicle?

No, there is not, the mileage is unlimited. 

4-In how much time is the replacement vehicle available?

The replacement vehicle is available from the moment receiving the request with the fleet responsible approval.

5-What kind of  responsibilities do the drivers have when collecting and returning the vehicle ?

When collecting and returning the replacement vehicle, the drivers need to sign the related minutes in order to confirm the vehicle hand over and take over in the same technical conditions.  

6-What happens in case of a delayed return of the vehicle compared to the agreed day? 

At the return of the replacement vehicle, a delay of 1 day is accepted. After exceeding this interval the delay is invoiced 

7-What happens in case of breakdown or accident? 

The replacement vehicle is insured with CASCO against accidents and theft  In the event of breakdown or accident, the drivers must contact ALD Automotive immediately. 

8-What are the limits of the service? 

The replacement vehicle does not include the following which will be re-invoiced: 

  • fuel cost, if the vehicle is returned with an less than you received; 
  • the cost of the equipments/accesories, keys or vehicle registration card, in case of loss;

road or bridge taxes, fines. 


1-What kind of risks is covered by the maintenance offered by ALD? 

The maintenance offered by ALD Automotive is a complete maintenance program, that includes except the risks covered by the constructor’s guarantee also the maintenance works risks during the entire contracted period, due to a normal wear, and not covered by the manufacturer:  

  • basic consumables (ex: oil, filters, brake pads etc)
  • long term consumables and subsets not covered by the guarantee of the manufacturer or having a limited guarantee (ex: complete clutch set, brake disks, shock absorbers, etc).
  • any other part that breakdowns due to a normal vehicle wear (ex: engine, gear box, etc). 

2-How are the users informed about the necessity of performing the maintenance works?

It is the responsibility of the drivers to:

  • Read the technical book of the vehicle and the information on board in order to find out the mileage when the periodical servicing is to be issued
  • Make the appointments at the garages for performing the mandatory periodical servicing

3-What are the garages where the maintenance works and the technical periodical inspection can be performed?

The service stations where the maintenance works and the technical periodical inspection can be performed are listed in the appendix of the “Driver’s guide” received in the delivery kit. 
In case that in the appendix there are not included garages from the location the users will perform the maintenance work , the drivers need to contact ALD Automotive on 444 88 30 or by email  in order to be guided to a garage. 

4-Which services are not covered by the maintenance?

The maintenance service does not include:

  • fuels, additives; 
  • washing, parking 
  • repairs of the deteriorations caused by the abnormal wear of the vehicle, as: not respecting the revisions terms, usage of inappropriate fuel, driving on improper roads.
  • Installation of accessories/stickers/devices on the vehicle: for their installation it’s necessary to have the ALD Automotive agreement and bringing the vehicle at its initial condition when the vehicle is returned at the end of the contract.


1-In the event of damage, who goes with the vehicle to the Police station, to the insurance company and to the garage? 

Going to the Police for obtaining the necessary documents, for opening the damage file and to the garage for repairs is the responsibility of the driver.  

2-Which insurance company does collaborate with ALD Automotive?

The insurance company that collaborates with ALD Automotive is Maphre

3-Is there any exemption for insurance?

Yes .Our customer can choose full casco or casco with exemption


1-What kind of services are included in fleet management?

We can provide any kind of operational leasing services upon your request.

2-How is the service cost charged?

You can select the services adapted tou your needs with; 

  • fixed monthly fee or
  • full re-invoicing of the services+administration fee. 


1-For whom is the door to door service designed?

The door to door service is designed for the persons that do not dispose of the time necessary to perform the mentioned technical interventions. 

2-When can I benefit from this service?

You can benefit from this service on request, when the cost is re-invoiced, or by including it in the monthly fixed fee, for carrying out one of the following:

  • Routine servicing
  • Periodical technical inspection
  • Seasonal and normal change of tires within the garages
  • Repairs following an accident


1-What does the vehicle registration management involve?

Vehicle registration management means that ALD Automotive takes over the entire vehicle registration process: 

  • sending the final registration documents to the user  with vehicle 
  • direct payment by ALD Automotive of all the registration costs, including the registration taxes. These costs are included in the monthly fixed installment. 

2-Is the exhaust emission control certificate fee and technical inspection included in the monthly fixed fee?

Yes, the exhaust emission and technical inspection tax is included in the monthly fixed fee. ALD Automotive does not invoice to the customer.  Door to door service for Technical inspection is not included in monthly fee. 


1-What happens if the driver has an accident? 

The drivers contact non-stop the assistance service on 444 88 30, and the operators will organize the necessary services for ensuring the drivers’ mobility.

2-Are the assistance services for the driver cumulative? 

The assistance service options for the driver are not cumulative. 

3-Does the immobilized vehicle, towed to the unit service have scheduled an appointment with the garage?

The immobilized vehicle towed to the unit service has no appointment scheduled with the garage.

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