Leave your fleet to us, feel the comfort!

We manage the fleet administration services without financing the vehicle utilization.

You select the services adapted to your needs with a fixed monthly fee or full re-invoicing of the services and an administration fee.

What is the difference between Operational Leasing and Fleet Management?

Which services are included in Fleet Management?

Technical  Support

  • Maintenance&Repair
  • Tyres Management
  • Road Assistance
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Insurance

Professional Consulting and Reporting

  • TCO Analysis
  • Fleet Policy
  • Reporting 

What are the advantages of Fleet Management Service?

Focus on your core business  since fleet services are completely ousourced.
Forecast your vehicle fleet costs. All the unpredicted risks can be handled by ALD Automotive, in case you opt for a flat fee
 You benefit from the experience of a referenced provider of full service operational leasing services

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