International warranty and trust in used car

ALD Carmarket which operates with ALD Automotive assurance brings international confidence in the used car sales. ALD Carmarket which is in service in the used car market with a wide range of vehicles and models renders a reliable service. 

The vehicles that we offer via ALD Carmarket website have been checked by independent expertise and all maintenance and repairs of the vehicles have been performed in an authorized service. 

The sales of all vehicles in the ALD Carmarket are done through online auction and tender. ALD Carmarket which realizes the most transparent and reliable service of used car market around the world provides convenience to organizations operating in the sector with price advantage it offers as well as enables purchase vehicles with certain tag from A to Z. 

Auto trading companies involved in Turkey and over 40 countries around the world benefit from the speed and cost advantages of ALD Carmarket and live in international confidence and guarantee. 

Membership Procedures

How is the membership process in ALD Carmarket?

ALD Carmarket is a sale platform only open to members. For a membership application, please; 


How is the way of auction?

  • The auction of the car in ALD Carmarket is activated by ALD Automotive. 
  • Start and end time of the auction is announced. 
  • The invitations are forwarded to our member customers by ALD Automotive. 
  • The photographs and reports of the vehicle are presented to customers. 
  • The auction results are sent to our customers.

Our Difference is Our Transparency

Intervention or confidential bids during the sale process in ALD Carmarket is out of the question.

Transparency and trust is the biggest difference of ALD Automotive.

ALD Mobile

Mobile Application Facility

  • It can be downloaded free from the Appstore and Google Play Store. 
  • Easy to use and fast.

What are the advantages of ALD Carmarket?

Only the used car dealers can benefit from the ALD Carmarket membership. Individual membership application cannot be done

  • It has professional appraisal report. 
  • Vehicles are purchased from authorized dealer. 
  • Its’ maintenance-repair have been made in authorized service facility. 
  • Tram and injury records are open.

The advantages of ALD Carmarket is special only for members

All bids submitted in ALD Carmarket is given only by ALD Carmarket members. ALD Carmarket membership is only open to car trading firms and individual applications are not considered. 

Turkey's leading car showrooms and corporate firms benefit from the advantages of ALD Carmarket. 

Affiliated with ALD Carmarket and has vehicles you request with guarantee, trust and good price advantages.

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