As a company that offers mobility service, we decided to support the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey (TOFD) in our corporate social responsibility projects in 2017 with the thought that 'We care about adding mobility to every sphere of life’.

In this context, we started to support the existing campaigns of TOFD and we also carried out a new and different social responsibility project.

When determining our project, we tried to create a project in which ALD employees can contribute to their own lives as well as to the lives of others. In the end, we combined two subjects that are closely related to human health and mobility, and we started our project with the slogan: “Quit Smoking, Give Hope to Accessible Life”.

As ALD Automotive Turkey, we decided to donate battery-operated wheelchairs to the TOFD for voluntary employees who quit smoking. We formed 6 groups of 12 employees who were willing to quit smoking. We promised to donate one battery-operated wheelchair for each group that stops smoking from January to the end of April. At the end of a 4-month period which was a real challenge for our volunteers who had been smoking for many years, 5 groups succeeded and 6 of our friends managed to quit smoking for this meaningfull purpose.

As ALD Automotive Turkey family, we had a very pleasing result both on behalf of those who quitted smoking as well as those who received 5 battery wheelchairs.


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