Sit back and follow your fleet with ALD Net!

ALD Net is an online reporting tool that enables you to know the evolution of the vehicle fleet and the deployment of the contracts

ALD NET ensures you; 

  • Statistics about the size of the fleet by vehicle make. 
  • Analysis of the contracted period and the monthly rates. 
  • Highlight of the mileage variation during the contract. 
  • Data about the vehicles on order, delivered, to be renewed and returned. 
  • Information about the pollution level of the vehicles. 


  • A comprehensive overview of the vehicle fleet 
  • You have data about the vehicles and analysis of the contractual parameters. 
  • Awareness on the fleet and contracts at any time 
  • The data regarding the vehicle fleet evolution and the progress of the contracts is weekly updated. 
  • Quick access to reports One simple click to access reports and graphic analysis by entering a secure online account 

Two types of reports are available: 

  • “Contracts”: reports about the deployment of the contracts 
  • “Reports”: analytic reports about the vehicle fleet state and evolution 


  • A detailed mode access for each contract listed in the reports 
  • Advanced online filtering and sorting of the data by ascending/descending order when clicking on the head of the column 
  • Drill-down available for some reports 
  • Data on graphs when passing the mouse on the graphs 
  • Exports to .xls and .pdf formats (exports into “.pdf” format, copied,saved or directly sent by e-mail with a right-click on the graph) 
  • Conversion menu for currency exchange (TL, EUR and USD) and distances (km and miles) 


  • "Contracts - Active vehicles” 
  • “Contracts - Vehicles on order” 
  • “Contracts - Terminated contracts” 
  • “Reports - Product and fleet evolution” 
  • “Reports - Lease and mileage analysis” 
  • “Reports - Inventory by manufacturer” 
  • “Reports - Renewals profile” 
  • “Reports - Cost analysis” 
  • “Reports - Mileage deviation” 
  • “Reports - Bluefleet summary” 
  • “Reports - Bluefleet details 

For accessing the reports available on ALD Net, you only have to: 

Request your ALD Automotive account manager an ALD Net account. 

Access "Fleet responsible" section on the website or directly 

Login with your account data received by email from ALD Automotive.

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