ALD Mobile is a mobile application which serves the purpose of making mobility of the drivers uninterrupted and offering the fastest solution for the problems that may arise on the way.

ALD Mobile is downloaded from AppStore and Google Play Store free of charge for I-Phone and Android operating system smart phones.

With ALD Mobile, the drivers; 

  • Reach the 'ALD Automotive Customer Service' and the nearest ALD contracted services in their locations. 
  • Specify their locations by using the GPS function of mobile phones and they reach the information of maintenance and repair, glass damage services in their locations and the road map for transport. 
  • Can filter maintenance and repair services depending on the vehicle brand. 
  • Can reach knowledge of what to do after an accident, Filled Accident Form instance, and User Manual and emergency phones. 
  • They would not experience interruptions in their work with continuous mobility chances. 

In the application content, brief information about ALD Automotive and the services.

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